Fritz & Chesster - Part 2
Jump into chess action, move by move, to rescue Chess from Deep within King Black’s castle. Join Fritz and Bianca in a thrilling chess adventure as they enter rooms of the castle, where each challenge will help you sharpen skills and prepare for the ultimate showdown.

The Black King has kidnapped Chesster so Fritz & Bianca must take on a series of chess challenges in order to rescue him.
Part 2 begins with a review of the chess pieces and their moves, and is followed by a series of games designed to strengthen thinking skills and understanding of strategy. One game has players learning how to get out of check, another coaches players on the best opening moves. Middle game tactics and end game strategies are also explored as you battle to rescue Chesster from the Black King's castle. The format is colourful and entertaining with lots of content to keep the user's attention.

For ages 8 and up

System requirements: Multimedia PC: Pentium II 233 processor, 32 MB RAM (16 MB free), 16 bit SoundBlaster compatible sound card, 16x speed CD-Rom Drive, Graphics card 800 x 600 (16 bit color), Windows 98/Me/XP