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International deliveries are available, by tracked mail only, to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand a limited number of EU destinations.
EU customers will be required to pay customs duty and import VAT before delivery - at the rate applicable in their destination country.

Wish List Information

Customer Wish Lists
You can create a wish list online. You can either keep the list private for your own personal use, or share it as a gift list with family and friends.

Creating And Logging In To A Wish List
To create or log in to a wish list, you can either click the "Wish List" item in the website menu bar, or click the "Add to Wish List" button for any product. If you are not already logged in, you will be offered the option to log in to an existing wish list or create a new one.

To create a new wish list, please enter a name and email address, and then enter and confirm your password.
If you already have already created a customer account with us, please log in using your existing account details.

When you create a wish list, you can also opt-in to receive newsletter emails from us.

To log in to an existing wish list, simply enter your email address and password and click the "Login" button. If you have forgotten your password, the "Forgot Password" button will email you a link where you can reset it.

Adding Items To A Wish List
A product is added to the wish list by clicking its "Add to Wish List" button.

If a product has any user-selectable options then the appropriate selections must be made before adding to the list. If selections are incomplete when the "Add to Wish List" button is clicked, then a warning is displayed.

The quantity selected will also be stored in the list. It can also be changed in the list itself (see below).

When a product is added to the list, the web page will display a pop-up confirmation message. From here you can either return to the page, or go to the Wish List.

Viewing And Editing The List
The list owner can view and edit his/her list by clicking the "Wish List" option in the menu.

If you are logged in already, the wish list page will be shown immediately. If not, you will be prompted to either log in to a list or create one (see above).

The wish list page contains a number of items.
1. The wish list name.
2. A "Share with a Friend" link, which can be copied into an email or social media post.
3. A "Make Private" button. If the list has been shared, anyone following the link will see only a message, "This wish list has been made private by the owner".
4. A "Guest view" link, enabling the owner to view the list as guests will see it. In this mode, the "Guest view" link is replaced by an "Owner view" link, which restores the Owner view.
5. A "Refresh" link, which refreshes the page.
6. A "Logout" link.
7. The Wish List content

When logged in, the wish list owner can
* Amend the quantity required by changing the value and clicking "Update"
* Delete any item from the list by clicking its "Remove" button
* Share the list with friends and family

Ordering from the list
Anyone viewing the list, either by logging in as the owner or by following a shared link, can order any item from the list by clicking its "Add to Cart" button, just like ordering it from the online catalogue.

An order can contain a mix of wish list and non-wish list items; but it cannot contain items from more than one wish list. If you wish to order items from two different wish lists, you must place two separate orders.

The list shows how many of each product are required by the list owner; how many have already been ordered; and how many remain to be ordered.

On adding to cart from the wish list, the wish list page will display a pop-up confirmation message. This offers the option of going to the cart or returning to the list.

You cannot order more than the quantity in stock of any product

Sharing the list
When the list is Public, the Wish List page includes a public sharing link, which the list owner can send to anyone you choose.

When viewed via the link, the list is in Public mode. Products in the list can be ordered, but the list content cannot be changed or added to.

The list owner can at any time click "Make Private" in a public list. This will hide and disable the sharing link so that it no longer functions.

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