Silman's Complete Endgame Course

Silman's Complete Endgame Course

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Preface ix
Introduction xi
Acknowledgements xvi

Part One / Endgames for Beginners (Unrated-1000) 1
Overkill Mates 3
The Staircase 3
King and Two Queens vs. Lone King 5
King, Queen, and Rook vs. Lone King 7
King and two Rooks vs. Lone King 8
The Box 10
King and Queen vs. Lone King 12
King and Rook vs. Lone King 14
Stalemate Alert! 20
Summing Up 24
Tests and Solutions 25
Final Thoughts 30

Part Two / Endgames for Class "E" (1001-1199) 31
What Can (or Cannot) Mate vs. Lone King 33
Minor Piece vs. Queen 35
Bishop vs. Queen 35
Knight vs. Queen 37
Understanding the King 40
Use Your King! 40
Opposition 42
Rook-Pawns 45
Summing Up 48
Tests and Solutions 49
Final Thoughts 54

Part Three / Endgames for Class "D" (1200-1399) 55
Beyond Basic Opposition 57
King and Pawn Endgames 61
King and Pawn vs. Lone King (Stronger Side's King in Front of its Pawn) 61
Another Rook-Pawn, Another Draw 61
Non Rook-Pawn (One Square in Front, is it Enough?) 62
Non Rook-Pawn (Two Squares in Front Always Does the Trick!) 65
Fox in the Chicken Coup 66
The Deep Freeze (When One Pawn Kills Two) 67
Minor Piece vs. a Lone Pawn 70
Bishop vs. Lone Pawn 70
Knight vs. Lone Pawn 71
Rook vs. Lone Pawn 77
Summing up 80
Tests and Solutions 81
Final Thoughts 88

Part Four / Endgames for Class "C" (1400-1599) 89
King and Pawn Endgames 91
King and Pawn vs. Lone King (A Quick Tussle for Opposition) 91
Sneaking into a Winning King and Pawn vs. King Position 97
King and Two Doubled Pawns vs. Lone King 101
Rook-Pawn (Stalemating the Stronger Side) 103
Entering the Square of the Pawn 106
Outside Passed Pawns 107
Minor Piece Endgames 112
Bishop and Wrong Colored Rook-Pawn vs. Lone King 112
Lone King vs. Knight and Rook-Pawn on the 6th or 7th 116
Bishops of Opposite Colors 118
Rook Endgames 121
The Lucena Position (The Sacred Key To All Rook Endings) 121
The Philidor Position (A Critical Defensive Stand!) 126
Passive Rook 126
Pure Philidor 128
Trap the Enemy King Away From the Action 131
Queen vs. King and Pawn 133
Queen vs. Pawn on 6th Rank 133
Queen vs. Pawn on 7th Rank 135
Summing Up 139
Tests and Solutions 142
Final Thoughts 158

Part Five / Endgames for Class "B" (1600-1799) 159
King and Pawn Endgames 161
King and Two Healthy Pawns vs. Lone King 161
Tactical Bombs 167
Triangulation 170
Outflanking 173
Rook Endings 177
Rook and Two Connected Pawns vs. Rook 177
All Hail the 7th Rank! 184
Minor Piece Endgames 188
Two Bishops vs. Lone King 188
Bishops of Opposite Colors (Two Pawns Down and Loving it!) 192
Summing Up 197
Tests and Solutions 200
Final Thoughts 212
Part Six / Endgames for Class "A" (1800-1999) 213
King and Pawn Endgame 215
Strange Races 215
King and Pawn vs. King and Pawn 220
Rook Endgames 223
"Lucena" with a Rook-Pawn 223
Rook in Front of Its 7th Rank Pawn 227
Rook and Pawn (on 4th or 5th) vs. Rook 235
Minor Piece Endgames 243
Bishop of Opposite Colors (Bishop and Two Connected Passers vs. Lone Bishop and King) 243
Fortresses in Bishop-up Endgames 249
Queen Endgames (A Trick Win in Queen vs. Rook-Pawn and Queen vs. Bishop-Pawn on the 7th) 253
Summing Up 256
Tests and Solutions 258
Final Thoughts 270

Part Seven / Endgames for Experts (2000-2199) 271
Rook Endgames 273
The Flowchart; Taking a Simple Position Into Deeper Water 273
Rook and Two Connected Passed Pawns vs. Rook and Pawn 279
When a Philidor Goes Bad 281
Pawns on One Side of the Board 285
Rook and Two vs. Rook and One 286
Rook and Three vs. Rook and Two 290
Rook and Four vs. Rook and Three 294
Bishop Endgames (Bishop and Pawn[s] vs. Lone Bishop of the Same Color) 300
Queen Endgames 308
Blockade; Queen vs. Rook and Pawn 308
Blockade; Queen and Pawn vs. Rook and Two Pawns 309
Summing Up 311
Tests and Solutions 313
Final Thoughts 346

Part Eight / Endgames for Masters (2200-2399) 347
Cat and Mouse 349
The Principle of Two Weaknesses 363
All King and Pawn Endgames are Confusing! 374
The Pleasures of a Knight 397
The King is a Fighting Piece! 408
Queen and Pawn Endgames (Passed Pawns Rule!) 420
Part Nine / Endgames for Pure Pleasure 431
Entombed and Dominated Minor Pieces 433
Tactics 441
The Five Greatest Endgame Players of All Time 467
Emanuel Lasker (The 2nd World Champion) 468
Akiba Rubinstein (Uncrowned King) 479
Jose Raul Capablanca (The 3rd World Champion) 491
Vasily Smyslov (The 7th World Champion) 501
Robert Fischer (The 11th World Champion) 512

Beyond Master (Recommended Endgame Books) 527
Bibliography 529
Index of Names 531