Killer Dutch

Killer Dutch


Part 1: DVD Introduction

Model Game – Sowray-Pert
Basic Strategic Ideas

Part 2: The Main Line Classical

Chapter 1: Ye Old Faithful

7…a5 – Introduction
7…a5 8 Re1: 1st Introductory Game: Gallagher – Williams
7…a5 8 b3 : 2nd Introductory Game: Iskusnyh – Williams
7…a5 Theory A: 8 b3 7…a5
Theory B: 8 Re1 7…a5
Theory C: 8 Bg5 7…a5
Theory D: 8 Qc2 7…a5
A Typical Middlegame Structure

Chapter 2: The Most Popular 7…Qe8

7…Qe8 8 Re1 1st Introductory Game: Van Wely-Minasian
7…Qe8 8 Qc2 2nd Introductory Game: Taimanov-Kortschnoi
7…Qe8 Theory A: 8 Qc2?!
7…Qe8 Theory B: 8 Re1 – The Old Main Line
7…Qe8 Theory C: 8 b3 – The New Main Line
7…Qe8 Theory D: 8 Bg5
7…Qe8 A Typical Middlegame Structure: Werle-Dgebuadze

Chapter 3: The Modern 7…Ne4

7…Ne4 8 Bd2 1st Introductory Game: Sokolov-Williams
7…Ne4 8 Re1 2nd Introductory Game: Shirov-Williams
7…Ne4 Theory A: 8 Qc2
7…Ne4 Theory B: 8 Nxe4!
7…Ne4 Theory C: Other White Possibilities on move 8
A Typical Middlegame Position

Chapter 4: New, Fresh and Slightly Dubious 7…Nc6!?

7…Nc6!? Introductory Game: Potomak-Lukasiewioz
7…Nc6!? Theory A: 8 Move Side Lines
7…Nc6!? Theory B: 10 dxe6 7…Nc6!?
Theory C: 10 Nxe6: The Critical Choice

Chapter 5: White Fianchettos and Deviates at an Early Stage

Introductory Game 1: Dumitrache-Williams
Introductory Game 2: Roelvaag-Williams
Theory A: An Early Nh3
Theory B: White Avoids Playing c4
Theory C: White Plays an Early b4 or b3

Part 3: White Avoids Fianchettoing

1st Introductory Game: Agrest-Williams
2nd Introductory Game: The Rook Lift!

Chapter 1

Theory A: White Plays e3, Bd3, Nge2 and f3
Theory B: White Plays e3, Bd3 and Nf3

Chapter 2: Other Possibilities

Introduction: White Plays Bg5 and e3

Part 4: Aggressive Set Ups and Early Gambits

1st Introductory Game: Kortschnoi-Kaenel
2nd Introductory Game: Tregubov-Malaniuk
Staunton Gambit
An Early h3 followed by g4!?
Other Crazy Side Lines

Part 5: 1 d4 f5 - Early Deviations

2 Nc3 and 2 Bg5-Introduction
1st Introductory Game: 2 Bg5: Kharitonov-Gajewski
2nd Introductory Game: 2 Nc3: Sakaev-Volokitin
Theory A: 2 Bg5 h6 followed by …g5 and …Rh7
Theory B: 2 Nc3 Other Possibilities

Part 6: Conclusion