ChessBase Tutorials: Openings No. 02 (PC-DVD)

Ref: CBDT02

Volume two deals with the wide-ranging and important area of the Semi-Open Games. Our masters and trainers present to you 24 exciting, entertaining and instructive videos
Caro-Kann (3 videos)
French (5 videos)
Scandinavian (1 video)
Sicilian (12 videos)
Alekhine Defence (1 video)
Pirc (1 video)
Nimzowitsch and Owen Defences (1 video).
The major area of the Sicilian is subdivided into
Najdorf (3 videos)
Sveshnikov (2 videos)
Scheveningen System (1 video)
Paulsen and Taimanov (1 video)
Dragon (1 video)
Richter-Rauser Attack (1 videos)
Rossolimo (1 video)
Alapin (1 video)
Closed Sicilian (1 video).
Most of the videos last between 13 and 16 minutes, meaning that in something like six hours you can get a survey of this immensely important area of opening theory. This time five authors went before the camera for the videos in English, of whom you
already know Lawrence Trent (6 videos), Valeri Lilov (6 videos) and Lars Schandorff (3 videos) from the first volume. You will be glad to welcome Daniel King (6 videos) and Sam Collins (3 videos) as new authors. In the English / German accompanying
booklet, the 22 pages in each language offer short descriptions of the openings. This is intended on the one hand to help you orientate yourself and on the other to make possible an entertaining introduction to the world of the Semi-Open Games. Last but not least, there is
also a database which contains 100 outstanding games from the openings areas which are being presented.
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