Double Tuition: Tiger on the Modern

Double Tuition: Tiger on the Modern



DVD Introduction

Chapter 1: The Austrian Attack

Austrian Attack - Introduction
1st Example Game Grandelius - Hillarp Persson
Austrian Attack - Sidelines
2nd Example Game Neiksans - Hillarp Person
3rd Example Game Carlsson - Hillarp Persson
Austrian Attack - Conclusion

Chapter 2: The Flexible Dragon

Flexible Dragon - Introduction
1st Example Game Quesada Perez - Hillarp Persson
2nd Example Game Zelbel - Hillarp Persson
Flexible Dragon Restrained - Introduction
3rd Example Game Blomqvist - Hillarp Persson

Chapter 3: The Classical Modern

Classical Modern - Introduction
Example Games Solodnovichenko - Hillarp Persson and Solak - Carlsen

Chapter 4: The Mad Dog 4.Bc4

The Mad Dog with 4.Bc4

Chapter 5: The Hippopotamus

The Hippopotamus and Example Game Byron - Hillarp Persson

Chapter 6: White Plays Bg5

White Plays Bg5 and Example Game Smirin - Hillarp Persson

Chapter 7: White Fianchettos with g3

White Plays g3 and Example Game Cheluskina - Agrest

Chapter 8: White Plays g4

White Plays g4 and Example Game Bosiocic - Maiwald

Chapter 9: The Lazy System with c3

The Lazy System with c3

Chapter 10: The Averbakh System

The Averbakh System and Example Game Rodshtein - Hillarp Persson
DVD Conclusion