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Zuke 'Em

Zuke 'Em

Ref: t1078

Product type: Printed book

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David Rudel

Expanded 2015 edition includes the Zukertort-Phoenix Attack & new material for attacking the Slav

Sample pages (from 2009 edition) (pdf)

Subtitled "The Colle-Zukertort Revolutionized" this book explores current theory and unearths some new ideas for White in the Colle-Zukertort System (1.d4, 2.Nf3, 3.e3, 4.Bd3, 5.b3) Author David Rudel explains the basic themes of the system before presenting analysis and games showing the Colle-Zukertort in action against all Black's major defences.

There are chapters on the Main Line, Classical Variation, Early Bishop Deviations, Slav Defence, Queen's Indian & Benoni, Grunfeld and Queen's Gambit Reversed as well as additional material including training positions and a new ideas index. Includes indexes of variations and games.

David Rudel is a published mathematician, senior editor at ExploreLearning and dedicated Colle-Zukertort player.

New edition published 2015, softback, 350 pages.

"One of the things that immediately impressed me about the book is how much thought and effort has obviously gone into it." Aaron Summerscale from his foreword to the book.

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