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Wonderful Winawer

Wonderful Winawer

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Product type: Printed book

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Viktor Moskalenko

Strategic Ideas and Surprise Weapons for Dynamic Chess Players.

After his acclaimed and best-selling book The Flexible French, Viktor Moskalenko now concentrates on the most complicated and most popular of French Defence variations: the Winawer. (1.e4,e6; 2.d4,d5; 3.Nc3,Bb4;) The Ukrainian-Spanish Grandmaster embarks on a comprehensive analysis of the Winawer System, based around 35 key games with extensive annotations and text explanations.

Part one examines early deviations where White avoids 4.e5, or 5.a3, also casting an eye over the tricky 4.e5, Ne7.

Part two looks at classical lines in the Winawer with 7.Nf3, or 7.a4, for White, as well as lines where Black avoids 5..Bxc3+, It also covers systems where Black refuses to allow White to capture his king side pawns after 7.Qg4, such as 7..Nf5; and 7..Kf8.

Part three "The Ultimate Winawer" considers the main-line position after 7.Qg4, and Black's responses - either 7..0-0; or 7..Qc7; /7.cxd4. It also analyses the currently popular 6..Qa5.

Moskalenko uses modern examples as well as his own creative discoveries, taking the theory of this important variation to a new level.
With a foreword by Viktor Kortchnoi.

Viktor Moskalenko is a Ukranian Grandmaster and former Ukranian Champion, now living in Spain.

Published 2010, softback, 272 pages.


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