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Winning with The Dynamic Caro-Kann

Winning with The Dynamic Caro-Kann

Ref: DVF162

Product type: DVD Video

In stock

Andrew Martin

(The Deadly Bronstein-Larsen System)

On this all-new Foxy DVD video, Andrew Martin focuses on the Bronstein-Larsen system in the Caro-Kann and provides a perfect introduction to this sharp variation. After 1.e4,c6; 2.d4,d5; 3.Nc3 (or 3 Nd2),dxe4; 4.Nxe4,Nf6; 5.Nxf6+, gxf6! the position becomes unbalanced and the player with a better knowledge of the main themes and ideas will surely win through. This is an excellent way to play for the win with Black.

The use of chess openings tends to rely on fashion and 5...gxf6! is a bit out of fashion in 2014. Use this to your advantage!

The Dynamic Caro-Kann for the Club Player will get you up and running with 5...gxf6 and maybe a bit more!

Andrew Martin is a FIDE Senior Trainer and IM. He has recorded perhaps more DVD or video footage on chess than anyone else in the world over the last 25 years.

Published 2014. Video running time 127 minutes approx.

Our Price:16.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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