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Vienna Game

Vienna Game

Ref: p4271

Product type: Printed book

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Gary Lane

The Vienna Game (1.e4,e5; 2.Nc3) is a great way of avoiding all lines of the Ruy Lopez, Petroff Defence and Latvian Gambit and imposing your own style upon the play early on. White can choose to play aggressively with an early f4 and Bc4 or more sedately with g3 and Bg2. Here Gary Lane gives all the theory via 77 complete, annotated games.

The book is in two parts: part one examines 2..Nf6 whilst part two covers 2..Nc6 and other moves. The Vienna is a sound opening with many hidden traps and tactics for the unprepared!

Published 2000, softback, 144 pages.

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