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Universal Chess Training

Universal Chess Training

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Wojciech Moranda

Sample pages (pdf)

The author's experience as a young coach taught him a very important lesson: the training regime of every player should cover concrete topics pertaining to thought processes and decision making.

Over time, he developed his own training system, in accordance with the rule of "three tiers": (nothing to do with English Covid 19 rules!)

Tier 1: Core Training. Basic elements that need to be understood by every single player
Tier 2: Personalized Program. Targeted exercises, customized to the needs of the specific player and designed to eliminate their particular flaws
Tier 3: Universal Chess Training. Thought processes and decision making in practice

Investigating the games of his students, he discovered that whether the given player was rated 1600 or 2500 they were all most likely to experience difficulties when making use of the following five skills:
1. Anticipation & Prophylaxis
2. Attack & Defense
3. Coordination
4. Statics & Dynamics
5. Weakness

These skills are a general set of skills. They are necessary if you are to learn the skill of handling your pieces properly. They will enable you to apply all the knowledge you have in practice. This can be regarded as "Universal Chess Training", because knowing them will most certainly help you play a good move whether the position seems familiar or not.

By studying this book, you will:
* Learn how to universally deal with any position you might encounter in your games, even if you happen to see it for the first time in your life
* Have the opportunity to solve 90 unique, hand-picked puzzles, extensively annotated and organised for optimal learning effect
* Gain access to more than 300 pages of original grandmaster thoughts and advice

Wojciech Moranda is a Polish Grandmaster and professional chess coach, running his own chess school "Grandmaster Academy" in Wroclaw.

Published 2020, softback, 352 pages.

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