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Understanding before Moving 1: Ruy Lopez and Italian Structures (2nd Ed)

Understanding before Moving 1: Ruy Lopez and Italian Structures (2nd Ed)

Ref: t0101

Product type: Printed book

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Herman Grooten

Sample pages (pdf)

Notes to the 2nd, expanded edition:
The Italian Game, Max Lange Attack, is further explored.
The Ruy Lopez where White can choose to close the centre with d4-d5 contains some hidden secrets that are explored a little more.
The most important strategic (and also tactical) details of this type of positions are presented.
Two model games are added for both colours.
16 Extra exercises are included in two parts:
Section 1: Tactical exercises
Section 2: Strategic exercises
Over 80 more pages than the previous edition.

From the author:
"In my many years as a chess coach, I have had the opportunity to work with lots of talented junior players. However, I have also worked with ambitious club players who wanted to increase their skill level. By questioning their work ethic in their home study, I started to notice that many players spend large amounts of time on openings, but gain very few benefits ... So where is the mismatch?

I observed that people mainly attempted to memorize moves. The complexities of many openings appeared to be so difficult, that people tried to rely on their memory and not on improving their insights. You can't blame them, the game of chess is difficult to understand. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that there are other methods to try to comprehend and study openings in a much more purposeful manner. In this series, I would like to try to answer this question with which many players struggle.

A crucial part of our answers is based on the creation of a greater understanding of the positions shortly after the crucial opening moves. We will focus on bringing the reader to understand the pawn structures within the variety of openings, and to the plans and concepts that can be derived from these structures. We will also review characteristic games by grandmasters, preferably top players. Strong chess players often know intuitively where the pieces belong.

As a result, many questions need to be asked:
* Which plans belong within the sometimes completely different structures?
* How does a top player distill from the many features the right plan?
* Where do the pawns belong?
* Which pieces need to be traded and which ones do I prefer to keep on the-board?
* How can I plan an attack?
* How do I cut through the game of my opponent?

We are going to change the study of the openings in such a way that we will improve readers' strategic vision, which is how this book will help club players."

Published 2020, softback, 235 pages.

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