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Understanding Maroczy Structures

Understanding Maroczy Structures

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Product type: Printed book

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Adrian Mikhalchishin & Georg Mohr

"Geza Maroczy left a strange legacy: the discovery that certain pawn formations can impose a near decisive cramp on one's opponent." - Bobby Fischer

Sample pages (pdf)

Aron Nimzowitsch wrote that studying the middlegame in chess means studying typical positions. Typical positions means typical pawn structures, and studying pawn structures means studying strategy. Middlegame strategy literature is not always well covered and, to remedy this, the authors have written several books on the strategy of pawn structures, for example: Isolani Strategy by Alexander Beliavsky/Adrian Mikhalchishin/Oleg Stetsko and The Center by Adrian Mikhalchishin/Georg Mohr. Other important books were written by Sergey Shipov, with his two-volume The Complete Hedgehog, and Ivan Sokolov, with his series Chess Middlegame Strategies.

This book continues the research into typical plans. The authors, both long-term chess trainers, decided to focus on ideas that are important in the Maroczy structure, for both sides. The Maroczy structure was played by such greats as Bobby Fischer, Tigran Petrosian, Bent Larsen and many others. They present ideas for both White and Black and the book is written without any bias as to colour.

The authors wished to write a book offering a 360-degree view of the Maroczy structure, enabling both individual study by any aspiring student and helping trainers in their work.

Adrian Mikhalchishin was trainer of many famous chess players, among others he was in Anatoly Karpov's team during matches with Garry Kasparov. Later he specialized in womens' chess training. He has been the coach and captain of national teams of Slovenia, Netherlands and Turkey.

Georg Mohr was coach and captain of the Slovenian national team from 2003-2010, from 2011 until now he has been Turkish national Youth trainer.

Published 2019, softback, 295 pages.

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