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Understanding Before Moving 3: Sicilian Structures Part 2

Understanding Before Moving 3: Sicilian Structures Part 2

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Herman Grooten

Sicilian Structures Part 2: Taimanov - Kan - Richter-Rauzer

Sample pages (pdf)

Herman Grooten's series on understanding openings from a planning and pawn structure perspective continues with the Sicilian Kan, Taimanov and Richter-Rauzer structures. He focuses on bringing the reader to understand the pawn structures within the variety of openings, and to the plans and concepts that can be derived from these structures. He also reviews characteristic games by grandmasters, preferably top players. Strong chess players often know intuitively where the pieces belong.

Particular attention is paid, in the Taimanov and Kann variations, to the "Hedgehog" pawn structure with White pawns on e4 and c4 and Black pawns on a6, b6, d6 and e6. This structure can arise via a lot of transpositions and is ideally suited to playing for a win with Black, because of the complexity of the middlegames which arise from it.

In each chapter the majority of space is taken up by the discussion of complete, model games. The main idea, as in previous books in the series, is that the reader can increase his or her understanding of the middlegames that arise from the variation in question and so develop a better feel for how to play the opening without memorising huge amounts of theory.

Published 2021, softback, 424 pages.

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