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Understanding Before Moving: Sicilian Structures Part 1

Understanding Before Moving: Sicilian Structures Part 1

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Herman Grooten

Sicilian Structures Part 1: Najdorf & Scheveningen

Sample pages (pdf)

Herman Grooten's series on understanding openings from a planning and pawn structure perspective continues with the Sicilian Najdorf and Scheveningen structures. He focuses on bringing the reader to understand the pawn structures within the variety of openings, and to the plans and concepts that can be derived from these structures. He also reviews characteristic games by grandmasters, preferably top players. Strong chess players often know intuitively where the pieces belong.

How can the Sicilian lines (Najdorf and Scheveningen) , which have been in the repertoires of practically all world champions, be meaningfully presented for the club-player audience. This is done according to the concept of this series: facilitating an understanding of the typical manoeuvres and common strategic or tactical concepts of the opening. These are presented in a structured way, using annotated games in the different lines in the Najdorf and Scheveningen. Each line (essentially, each White 6th move in the two variations) gets an extensive intro and a selection of entire games.

This is a conscious decision: experience shows that players who have entire games in mind (including even the deep endgame) have a better idea of how to gain opening advantages and - having got them - how they can be converted into victories.

Grooten's approach is to take the reader into the seemingly impenetrable labyrinth of variations without flinching, but then to base his comments on plans and concepts instead of computer analysis. (This means that verbal comments dominate.) The examples are clear enough and leave enough impression on the reader's mind that, no matter how complicated the game becomes, he or she can adapt that which they have already learned to the new situation.

Herman Grooten is an International Master and chess coach with over 25 years experience. He has coached Grandmasters Loek van Wely and Jan Werle.

Published 2019, softback, 400 pages.

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