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True Lies In Chess

True Lies In Chess

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Product type: Printed book

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Lluis Comas Fabrego

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Very few chess books are able to make an original contribution about the strategic aspect of chess, but that is the aim of this remarkable book. The established dogmas of chess are rarely questioned despite the clear evolution in the style of top class chess.

Grandmaster Lluis Comas Fabrego takes on the challenging task of separating the truth from the lies in traditional advice on how to play better chess. By taking an irreverent look at the supposed absolute truths of chess, Comas Fabrego judges the validity of established rules and strategic concepts. Accompanied by many practical examples and good advice, readers learn how to reduce the complexity of chess to the essential features of each position, and so improve their play.

Chapters include: Do Not Trust the Classics, Middlegame Motifs, How are Opening Novelties Born? and The Opening According to Me!

The author is a grandmaster and twice Spanish Champion.

Published 2007, softback, 165 pages.

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