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Triangle System

Triangle System

Ref: p4644

Product type: Printed book

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Ruslan Scherbakov

Noteboom, Marshall Gambit and other Semi-Slav Triangle Lines

Sample pages (pdf)

Grandmaster Ruslan Scherbakov presents a repertoire for Black based on the Semi-Slav Triangle, an ambitious way to fight the ever-popular Queen's Gambit. Black's weapons include the Abrahams-Noteboom Variation - a dynamic counter-attack taking White out of his comfort zone and offering Black the chance to dictate the game from the outset.

Scherbakov also considers options for Black against the aggressive Semi-Slav Marshall Gambit as well as White's quieter tries, such as the Exchange Variation. Scherbakov has over 20 years experience in studying and playing these opening variations, which have been tried and tested successfully at Grandmaster level and are specially designed for players who want to challenge White in the opening.

* Packed with new ideas and critical analysis
* Explains typical plans and tactics for both sides

Publshed 2012, softback, 448 pages.

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