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Treasury Of Chess Openings Vol. 1: Open Games

Treasury Of Chess Openings Vol. 1: Open Games

Ref: h0023

Product type: Printed book

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Attila Schneider

GM Attila Schneider's own analysis of the 1.e4,e5; openings proceeds in entertaining style throughout (e.g. "After the primitive 15.Qb5+,Nc6; 16.Bd5, Black would have drooped like a wet sock.") Virtually every ECO code from C20 to C99 is covered in 148 games, modern and ancient, annotated by Schneider. He has chosen lines which he regards as being best or of most interest and included a lot of original analysis and his own opinions on the merits of each. This is not as comprehensive as an encyclopaedia but more readable and with enough material for club and tournament players to grasp the ideas behind each opening system.

Published 2002, softback, 284 pages.

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