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Transpo Tricks In Chess

Transpo Tricks In Chess

Ref: b9051

Product type: Printed book

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Andrew Soltis

Many opening positions in chess can be reached by a variety of move orders - but only with the consent of both players! In this book Grandmaster Andrew Soltis examines how move order transpositions can be used by both sides to avoid certain lines of play or positions.

In a book which covers all the major opening systems he shows how you can often transpose moves to reach the type of position you want but which your opponent does not.
The seven chapters cover Double KP Openings, Ruy Lopez, Sicilian Defence, Semi-Open Games, Double QP Openings, Indians and Dutch and Flank Openings.

Andrew Soltis is a popular chess writer and International Grandmaster.

Published 2007, softback, 218 pages.

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