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Tournament Chess Classic Ebonized In Folding Board

Tournament Chess Classic Ebonized In Folding Board

Ref: WSFE6

Product type: Chess Pieces

Tournament size weighted wooden chess pieces and folding board with mahogany & sycamore inlay and algebraic coordinates around the border. The notation is printed in cream ink. The pieces are stored inside the folding board when not in use. The board contains an insert tray for chess piece storage inside.

Wood used - Pieces: boxwood/ebonized boxwood. Folding board: mahogany & sycamore inlay.
Square size: 57 mm.
King height: 97 mm.
King Base: 40mm.
Pieces weighted with felted bases
Approximate dimensions when closed: 52.2cm x 25.3cm x 6.0cm.
Packaged in white card box.

Our Price:79.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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