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The Norwegian Rat: Part 3 (Video download)

The Norwegian Rat: Part 3 (Video download)

Ref: DVF194D

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World Champion Magnus Carlsen's Secret Weapon

with GM Ron W. Henley

An opening system for Black versus 1.e4, or 1.d4, with 1.e4, g6; 2.d4, Nf6!?

Magnus has played the Norwegian Rat since 2010, but in recent years has scored 4 wins and 1 loss in World Championship Blitz Events, including wins versus Anand and Caruana!

In the last two years, he began employing the Norwegian Rat in his 13 part Chess24.com Banter Blitz series while taunting his opponents "Can anyone equalize against the Rat?" While crushing Grandmasters as well as non-masters, Magnus racked up a stunning 19 wins and 1 loss!

Here, Grandmaster Ron Henley examines games by Magnus Carlsen and others in the Norwegian Rat, showing the various options for both sides in this eccentric opening system.

Part 3:
White 5th Move Alternatives
1.e4, g6; 2.d4, Nf6; 3.Nc3, d5; 4.e5, Ne4! 5.f3, 5.Nf3, 5.h3, and 5.Qf3 White avoids capturing the black Knight on e4. These rarely played options offer Black excellent counter-play!

White Exchanges on d5
3.Nc3, d5; 4.exd5, Nxd5; 5.Nxd5, White captures twice on d5, but Black has an improved version of the Scandinavian Defense which Magnus quite likes.

White Captures Once on d5
3.Nc3, d5; 4.exd5, Nxd5; 5.Nf3,
3.Nc3, d5; 4.exd5, Nxd5; 5.Bc4,
Black has rapid development and active piece play.

White’s e4 Gambit
1.e4, g6; 2.d4, Nf6; 3.???
White sacrifices the e4 pawn, but does gain some time.

Bd3 v Pirc Defense
1.e4, g6; 2.d4, Nf6; 3.Bd3, A solid approach that gives Black a comfortable game

Published 2021. Video running time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Our Price:15.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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