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The Most Flexible Sicilian

The Most Flexible Sicilian

Ref: x8297

Product type: Printed book

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Alexander Delchev & Semko Semkov

A Black Repertoire with 1.e4,c5; 2.Nf3,e6.

Contents list & sample pages (pdf)

This book is a follow up to The Safest Sicilian. It offers a repertoire based on 1.e4,c5; 2.Nf3,e6; but this time it covers both the Taimanov and the Kan Sicilians. The pawn structures are almost identical so many ideas work in both variations, whilst at the same time, the different move order offers subtleties which may be decisive for the outcome of the opening battle.

Delchev believes that the Sicilian players should know the full range of set-ups after 2...e6. This would allow them to choose the most unpleasant system against any particular opponent. For instance, if the White player is narrowly specialised in the English Attack, you may choose to delay ...Nc6. This approach effectively discourages White's set-up with Be3. It is also very good against the fans of an early f4 or the fianchetto with g3.

The book is divided into several parts: playing against Be2, against f4, g3, the third rank set-up Be3+Bd3, the English Attack, the Hedgehog structures. Every part begins with a chapter named "Pros and Cons" which discusses the main ideas of the Taimanov and the Kan approaches and offers advice on which to choose. The next chapters "Step by Step" present detailed theory. Finally a chapter "Complete Games" offers deep annotations to important games.

Alexander Delchev is a Bulgarian Grandmaster. He has won the Bulgarian Championship three times and participated in five Chess Olympiads. International Master Semko Semkov has two GM norms and played many times for the Bulgarian national team.

Published 2014, softback, 340 pages.

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