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The English Morphy? The Life & Games Of Cecil De Vere

The English Morphy? The Life & Games Of Cecil De Vere

Ref: k3214

Product type: Printed book

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Owen Hindle & Bob Jones

Cecil de Vere became the first ever British Chess Champion in 1866 and was compared, by Steinitz, to Paul Morphy. Yet he died from tuberculosis, a penniless alcoholic, less than 10 years after his greatest achievement.

This book charts de Vere's life, career and death in a 45 page biography which includes contemporary obituaries and many photographs of him and his fellow players. It also contains 101 of de Vere's games, with annotations.

A well researched and produced book on a talented although little-known player.

Published 2001, softback, 130 pages.

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