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Test Your Endgame Thinking

Test Your Endgame Thinking

Ref: p4305

Product type: Printed book

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Glenn Flear

Sample page (pdf)

The endgame quizzes in this book are aimed at testing your thinking processes rather than just tactical calculation. So the diagrammed test positions in chapter one pose questions about strategic thinking whilst those in chapter two emphasise more detailed analysis and planning. Questions such as "What should White do now?" or "Does Black have an advantage here?" abound in chapter one whilst chapter 2 has more questions of the type "Find a win for White".

Three further chapters test various aspects of your endgame knowledge in increasing order of difficulty. (Basic Endgames, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level) There are 150 tests altogether and full solutions with explanation are provided for each test.

This is the kind of book that will get your chess brain working and can be read without needing access to a chess set.

Glenn Flear is an English Grandmaster

Published 2002, softback, 160 pages.

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