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Test Your Chess IQ - Master Challenge

Test Your Chess IQ - Master Challenge

Ref: p4144

Product type: Printed book

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August Livshitz

The second volume of the series contains the more difficult tests than "First Challenge" and is a follow-up to that book.

Is the ability to make combinations something you are born with or can it be acquired by practice? Russian chess trainer Livshitz, who has had extensive experience teaching a wide range of players from novices to masters, presents here a course for developing your combinational skill, based on the recognition of tactical motifs.

As you work your way through this carefully graded series of tests, themes such as 'diversion', 'interference', 'X-Ray' and many more will become an integral part of your chess armoury, to be employed in your own games. Solving these positions will not only provide many hours of pleasure but will also enable you to test - and improve! - your chess IQ.

Published 1997, softback, 122 pages.

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