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Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021

Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021

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Product type: Printed book

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Daniel Fernandez

Sample pages (pdf)

The tournament book of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021. The event was won in sensational fashion by the young Dutch grandmaster Jorden van Foreest. In a tiebreak in the third blitz game, he was just a bit faster than his compatriot Anish Giri. An unprecedented achievement, because the tournament in Wijk aan Zee is sometimes called the "Wimbledon of chess"!

That such a fine achievement should be immortalized, is beyond dispute. The English grandmaster Daniel Fernandez came up with the idea of thoroughly examining all the games from this tournament. He did not take any chances in doing so. In addition to the various sources he found on the Internet, he of course used the strongest engines available at the moment. He also had engines in the cloud patiently calculate various positions. Together with his source research and his own insights, he has created a unique compilation of chess technical material that is unprecedented.

In doing so, Fernandez has painted a fantastic picture of the opening variants that were on the board in this tournament. He has done a thorough research of the ins and outs of each and placed them in a broader perspective. An interesting field of players, who gave it their all every round, resulted in many nice confrontations with extremely interesting opening theory!

In the production of this book, tournament director Jeroen van den Berg, in consultation with their main photographer, Jurriaan Hoefsmit, provided many photos which show the palpable tension and the emotions of the players in deep concentration.

The format of this tournament book is different from what you might expect. The author chose the highly original idea to group all chapters around all the white games of each player. Starting with the player who finished at the bottom of the final table, Grandmaster Alexander Donchenko. He came to the start as a late substitute and had to pay for that with the last place. Yet he showed several times that he is an excellent chess player.

Because a tournament book should also be a report of the events, it was decided to use the round reports that were presented daily on the Dutch chess news web-site, www.schaaksite.nl.

Published 2022, softback, 750 pages.

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