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Tarrasch Formula

Tarrasch Formula

Ref: z8000

Product type: Printed book

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Sam Palatnik & Mark Ishee

Tarrasch was the first person to enunciate the principle "If one piece is badly placed, your whole game is bad." This formula embraces familiar strategic themes such as The authors agree that this is an important principle in chess and that applying it to limit the mobility of and gradually isolate an enemy piece is an extremely potent strategy.

In this book they show the Tarrasch formula in action in 57 illustrative games. Each piece is given separate treatment with chapters on the knight, the bishop, opposite colour bishops, heavy pieces and zugzwang. A final chapter - Philidor's Defence Revisited - re-examines this famous defence in the light of the Tarrasch formula. The Tarrasch formula should be a major part of every chess player's planning. Sam Palatnik is a US Grandmaster and Sam Ishee is a USCF National Master.

Published 2003, softback, 242 pages.


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