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Tactics In The Chess Opening 6: Gambit And Flank Openings

Tactics In The Chess Opening 6: Gambit And Flank Openings

Ref: n1221

Product type: Printed book

Sipke Ernst & Geert van der Stricht

This book covers all the tactical themes and typical traps in the main lines of the English, the Dutch and the Reti, as well as a few interesting ideas in the Nimzowitsch Defence, Owen's defence, the Chigorin, Albin Counter-Gambit, Bird's Opening, Larsen's Opening and other flank attacks. They are explained in more than 200 carefully selected and annotated short games.

The series "Tactics in the Chess Opening" teaches how to recognise opportunities to attack early in the game and how to avoid standard pitfalls in the opening. It will help the adventurous player win more games. This is 6th and the final volume in a series covering the entire opening spectrum. It is a guide for further study and for setting up an opening repertoire.

Sipke Ernst is one of Holland's youngest Grandmasters. Geert van der Stricht is an International Master from Belgium and a former national champion.

Published 2007, softback, 230 pages.

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