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Tactics In The Chess Opening 5: Indian Defences

Tactics In The Chess Opening 5: Indian Defences

Ref: n1201

Product type: Printed book

Sipke Ernst and Geert van der Stricht

Every chess player loves to win early in the game with a deadly combination or a cunning trap. On the other hand, nobody wants to be tricked by his opponent before the game has really started.

The popular series Tactics in the Chess Opening teaches how to recognize opportunities to attack early in the game. You will also learn how to avoid standard pitfalls in the opening. This book explains, in around 230 carefully selected and annotated games, all the tactical themes and typical traps of the main lines in the Indian Defences and related systems like the Catalan Opening and the Benoni Defence. After studying these brilliant surprise attacks, or just enjoying them, the adventurous chess player will win more games.

Sipke Ernst is one of Holland's youngest Grandmasters and Geert van der Stricht is an International Master from Belgium and a former national champion.

Published 2007, softback, 236pp

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