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Sveshnikov Sicilian (PC-CD)

Sveshnikov Sicilian (PC-CD)


Product type: Software for PC

In stock

Dorian Rogozenko

This Sveshnikov Sicilian PC-CD includes over 12,000 games in 27 chapters on the Sveshnikov (1.e4, c5; 2.Nf3, Nc6; 3.d4, cxd4; 4.Nxd4, Nf6; 5.Nc3, e5.). Over half the games wre played in the 6 years prior to release and many are annotated by the author. The Sveshnikov has appealed to top Grandmasters such as Kasparov, Shirov, Kramnik and Leko.

Also includes opening tree and training database.

Dorian Rogozenko is a Romanian Grandmaster.

Published 2000. Requires: Windows XP/7/8/10, ChessBase 7, Fritz 6 or higher to view database content.

Was 20.40 - save 14.40!

Our Price:6.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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