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Subscription to New In Chess Yearbook (Softcover) (U.K. Addresses Only)

Subscription to New In Chess Yearbook (Softcover) (U.K. Addresses Only)


Product type: Printed book

In stock

Available to U.K. addresses only.

Your subscription will start with the issue selected below and runs for 4 or 8 issues, giving you access to the latest opening theory surveys as they happen!

The Yearbook provides you with more than a hundred Opening Surveys per year. It will save you time on opening preparation and inspire you to try new ideas and variations. It will build your repertoire, and give you extra options for rapid and blitz chess.

Stay ahead of your opponents with the Yearbook! Since 1984 hundreds of masters, grandmasters and amateurs have helped to produce more than 120 Yearbooks.
Available postfree to U.K. addresses only.

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