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Starting Out: The Sicilian (2nd Ed)

Starting Out: The Sicilian (2nd Ed)

Ref: p4588

Product type: Printed book

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John Emms

This is an updated and expanded edition of Starting Out: The Sicilian, the highly acclaimed guide to the most popular and famous opening in chess. The new edition includes some systems not covered in the original (e.g. the "Dragadorf") and expanded coverage of other lines to reflect latest developments.

In a user-friendly book, Grandmaster John Emms goes back to basics, studying the fundamental principles of the Sicilian Defence and its many variations. Lengthy analysis is out of the question so the book offers an introduction to each system with strategies, statistics, tips and illustrative key games. There are several annotated games for each variation (80 games in total) which give a flavour of the way play may develop. If you're wondering which Sicilian System is for you then this book will help you choose.

Includes chapters on the Dragon, Najdorf, Scheveningen, Sveshnikov, Classical, Other Open Sicilians, Bb5 Lines, c3 Sicilian and Closed Sicilian (with Morra Gambit & Grand Prix Attack) A handy book for club and tournament strength players wanting to include the Sicilian in their opening repertoire.

Published 2009, softback, 303 pages.

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