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Starting Out: The Modern Benoni

Starting Out: The Modern Benoni

Ref: p4366

Product type: Printed book

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Endre Vegh

The Modern Benoni (1.d4,Nf6; 2.c4,c5; 3.d5, e6; 4.Nc3, exd5; 5.cxd5, d6) has long been a favourite of tactically minded players who are prepared to allow White some structural advantages in exchange for counter-attacking possibilities. Fearlessness and tactical awareness are essential if you want to play either side of this opening!

Hungarian IM Endre Vegh illustrates both sides' potential plans in a long introductory chapter before moving on to examine concrete variations through the medium of 46 annotated games in eight chapters. Chapters include: Rare Variations, Fianchetto Variation, Systems with f2-f3, Systems with f2-f4, Modern Variation with e2-e4, Nf3 and h3, Classical Sidelines and Classical Mainline.

Throughout the book there is an abundance of notes, tips, warnings and exercises to help the improving player, while key strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated. Includes indexes of variations and of games.

Published 2004, softback, 176 pages.

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