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Starting Out: Sicilian Najdorf

Starting Out: Sicilian Najdorf

Ref: p4392

Product type: Printed book

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Richard Palliser

IM Richard Palliser offers a repertoire for Black in the Sicilian Najdorf, one of the sharpest defences around, and a favourite of both Fischer and Kasparov. In keeping with the excellent "Starting Out" series the book contains lots of advice, hints, tricks & traps and the author takes care throughout to explain the reasoning behind the lines of play he recommends and both sides' strategies.

The material is presented via the medium of 59 annotated games with coverage of all White's major 6th move options: 6.Be2, The English Attack, 6.Bg5, 6.Bc4, 6.f4 and 6.g3. As usual the content is designed for club and tournament players who would like to take up a new opening. It includes a nice balance of explanation and theory.

Published 2006, softback, 240 pages.

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