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Starting Out: Sicilian Grand Prix Attack

Starting Out: Sicilian Grand Prix Attack

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Product type: Printed book

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Gawain Jones

The Grand Prix Attack is 1.e4,c5; 2.Nc3,Nc6/d6/e6; 3.f4 and offers White attacking chances without having to enter the theoretical jungle which the Open Sicilian has become. White plans a kingside attack with moves such as f4-f5, Qe1-h4, Bc1-h6 and Nf3-g5. This is both direct and often difficult to meet as it is in keeping with the pawn structure. Alternatively White can choose to play Bb5 and Bxc6, hoping to double Black's pawns and play against his weakened queenside.

In this book Grandmaster Gawain Jones shows how to play the key systems of the Grand Prix Attack including Black's defences with 2..Nc6; 2..d6; and 2..e6. He looks at lines for White with Bc4 and Bb5 considering both the plans outlined above and shows how both sides ought to approach the positions arising. He includes 36 complete, annotated games with a wealth of strategic and tactical hints and tricks highlighted. This is an ideal first book for any club or tournament player wishing to take up the Grand Prix Attack or needing a defence against it.

Gawain Jones is a young Grandmaster who made his debut for England at the 2007 European Team Championships.

Published 2008, softback, 174 pages.

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