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Starting Out: Pawn Endgames

Starting Out: Pawn Endgames

Ref: p4362

Product type: Printed book

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Glenn Flear

Pawn endings are uniquely difficult, relying on geometric ideas and exact calculation of tempi. One misjudgment can transform the assessment of the position instantly.

In an imaginatively laid out book GM Glenn Flear leads the reader through all the key themes of pawn endings including zugzwang, the opposition and triangulation. He looks at play on one side of the board, the power of passed pawns, pawn races and king manoeuvring and explains some basic queen v pawn endings as well as how to favourably exchange into a pawn ending.

The book is illustrated with hints, tips and diagrammed examples throughout and each chapter has a test section for the reader to solve. If you only want one book on pawn endings this would be a good choice with enough material to last most players a lifetime.

Glenn Flear is an English Grandmaster.

Published 2004, softback, 192 pages.

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