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Starting Out: King's Indian Attack

Starting Out: King's Indian Attack

Ref: p4394

Product type: Printed book

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John Emms

The Kings Indian Attack was a favourite of former World Champion Bobby Fischer whilst leading chess coach Mark Dvoretsky regards the King's Indian Attack as a perfect weapon on which to base an opening repertoire. The KIA leads to complicated middlegame positions that are full of possibilities for both sides.

In this easy-to-use guide, King's Indian Attack expert John Emms goes back to basics, explaining the fundamental strategies of the King's Indian Attack both in the opening and middlegame phase. Throughout the book there are an abundance of notes, tips and warnings to help the improving player, while key strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated.

The seven chapters of the book show the KIA in action against different Black defences including the French, Sicilian, Caro-Kann, King's Indian, Queen's Indian, Dutch and ..d5 with ..Bf5 or ..Bg4. Coverage is based around 50 complete, annotated games.

John Emms is an experienced author and a an English Grandmaster.

Published 2005, softback, 224 pages.

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