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Starting Out: Classical Sicilian

Starting Out: Classical Sicilian

Ref: p4537

Product type: Printed book

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Alexander Raetsky & Maxim Chetverik

The Classical Sicilian arises after the moves 1.e4,c5; 2.Nf3,Nc6; 3.d4,exd4; 4.Nxd4,Nf6; 5.Nc3,d6; and promises sharp play with unbalanced positions in almost every variation.
In this book the authors examine Black's many options against the Sozin Attack, Richter-Rauzer, 6.Be2, Boleslavsky System and other 6th moves for White, including 6.f3, the English Attack. Several alternatives are analysed against each system ensuring that Black will be able to build a repertoire to suit his or her own style of play. The authors analyse 35 complete games to illustrate both sides' possibilities in this work aimed at tournament players wishing to learn a new opening. The book is clearly laid out with tips and warnings throughout.

Alexander Raetsky is a Russian Grandmaster whilst Maxim Chetverik is a Russian International Master and renowned opening theoretician.

Published 2007, softback, 176 pages.

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