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Starting Out: 1.e4!

Starting Out: 1.e4!

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Product type: Printed book

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Neil McDonald

1.e4 is probably the move to pose most problems for Black in the opening but many players are reluctant to play it because of the amount of theory associated with certain Black defences and also because of the number of possible replies available to the second player. Here Neil McDonald has constructed a well thought out repertoire for White, based on sound yet aggressive lines of play, and illustrated using 56 master games, all extensively annotated.

Against 1..e5; he recommends the Scotch Opening, also providing lines against the Latvian and Elephant counter gambits, the Petroff and the Philidor defences. Against 1..c5; he advocates playing open systems with 2.Nf3 and 3.d4. Against the Caro-Kann you play the Panov-Botvinnik Attack whilst the French is met with 3.Nd2 and the Korchnoi Gambit. Mcdonald also shows how to meet less common defences such as the Scandinavian, Alekhine's, Nimzowitsch and Pirc/Modern.

With plenty of explanation this book is aimed at club players who would like to take up 1.e4 for the first time. Neil McDonald is an English Grandmaster and respected chess coach and author.

Published 2006, softback, 200 pages.

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