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Squeezing the King's Indian Defence

Squeezing the King's Indian Defence

Ref: x8829

Product type: Printed book

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Semko Semkov & Yuri Krykun

Sample pages (pdf)

This book presents a full repertoire based on the Gligoric System against the King's Indian Defence (1.d4, Nf6; 2.c4, g6; 3.Nc3, Bg7; 4.e4, d6; 5.Nf3, 0-0; 6.Be2, e5; 7.Be3). The key point of this set-up is that White does not commit his king to any flank, at least for a while. That makes Black's thematic attack with ..f5-f4, ..g4 pointless and allows White to play chess without having to memorise tons of variations.

The Gligoric Variation aims to strangle the opponent in a positional vice. Its most prominent feature is solidity. In many games White wins without having to calculate much.

The Gligoric is one of the most fireproof approaches against the King’s Indian. Indicatively, it was Karpov's weapon of choice against Kasparov in their legendary matches. Perhaps it is the best way to keep the opponent at bay while still preserving fair winning chances.

The authors focus on typical positions and methods of handling them, which is essential for the Gligoric System.

International Master Semko Semkov has two GM norms and played many times for the Bulgarian national team. Yuriy Krykun is a FIDE Master from Ukraine. He has been Ukrainian Junior Champion and won a bronze medal at the European Team Championship U-18 for the Ukrainian Team.

Published 2020, softback, 248 pages.

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