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Spanish Main Road

Spanish Main Road

Ref: x8807

Product type: Printed book

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Evgeniy Solozhenkin

Sample pages (pdf)

This books presents an opening repertoire for Black in the Spanish Opening (Ruy Lopez) It is aimed at players who are not excited by defending the dull endgames in the "Berlin Wall" and who strive for initiative, counterplay and a tense fight!

The author recommends the Zaitzev system (9...Bb7; 10.d4, Re8;) as Black's best weapon against the main-line Spanish with 9.h3. At the beginning of the year 2015 the Svidler variation began to gain popularity - 9...Bb7; 10.d4, Re8; 11.Nbd2, exd4; 12.cxd4, Nd7; It combines elements of the Zaitzev system and the Karpov variation 9...Nd7. It is also analysed in this book as a way for Black to avoid the famous repetition of moves 11.Ng5, Rf8; 12.Nf3.

Evgeniy Solozhenkin is an international Grandmaster and a Russian Chess Federation coach and has been champion of Leningrad and St. Petersburg.

Published 2016, softback, 276 pages.

Our Price:19.99

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