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Spanish Exchange Variation

Spanish Exchange Variation

Ref: L0479

Product type: Printed book

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Stefan Kindermann

The Spanish Exchange (1.e4,e5; 2.Nf3,Nc6; 3.Bb5,a6; 4.Bxc6) is a principled opening relying entirely on an understanding of strategy and key ideas without the colossal amount of theory associated with many other openings. It was famously used by Bobby Fischer but also by more modern Grandmasters such as Timman, Shirov and Kasimdzhanov and continues to score well for White without offering Black many winning chances.

In this book GM Stefan Kindermann, who plays the Spanish Exchange himself, offers expert analysis and clear explanations of the plans available for White via the medium of annotated, illustrative games. Although mainly written as a White repertoire, this is an objective coverage and the author points out Black's best defensive ideas. Sections include: Historical Introduction, Typical Positions and Illustrative Games - Theoretical Section and the book includes indexes of variations and players. Most of the illustrative games are recent making this the most up-to-date work available on the Spanish Exchange.

The author is a German Grandmaster who has represented his country in six Olympiads.

Published 2005, softback, 124 pages.

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