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Seven Ways To Smash The Sicilian

Seven Ways To Smash The Sicilian

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Product type: Printed book

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Yuri Lapshun & Nick Conticello

Sample pages (pdf)

In this book Yury Lapshun and Nick Conticello introduce, categorize and analyse the "Seven Deadly Sacrifices" White has at his disposal. It is impossible to play Open Sicilian positions with either colour without an intimate knowledge of these sacrifices, and by using illustrative games the authors teach you everything you need to know, including the vital skill of how to recognize when favourable sacrificial conditions arise. The book contains 109 sacrificial games, organised into seven chapters according the square on which the sacrifice occurs and the piece involved. (e.g. knight sacrifice on e6)

*Features some "must-know" tactical ideas
*Covers many main lines of the Sicilian
*Includes a feast of entertaining games and violent sacrifices

Yury Lapshun is an International Master, a winner of many tournaments, and an experienced coach who has guided individuals and teams to national championships. His previous book, co-authored with Nick Conticello, was Play 1 b4!.
US Master Nick Conticello won two Chess Journalist of America awards in 2003 and was named Organizer of the Year by the United States Chess Federation in 1996.

Published 2009, softback, 190 pages.

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