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Secrets Of Opening Surprises Vol. 3

Secrets Of Opening Surprises Vol. 3

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Product type: Printed book

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Jeroen Bosch (Ed)

SOS volume 3 offers you some strikingly original ideas in a wide variety of openings including the French, QGA, Slav, Sicilian, Grunfeld, Reti, Scotch and others. With contributing authors such as Mikhail Gurevich, Alexander Beliavsky, David Navara, Oleg Chernikov, Adrian Mikhalchishin, Carlos Matamoros, Ian Rogers, Karel van der Weide, Jeroen Bosch, Dorian Rogozenko, Mark Bluvshtein, Glenn Flear and Oleg Romanishin you can be sure of finding some high class opening novelties in these pages. Get this and outsmart your opponent today!

Mikhail Gurevich - Portisch's Ingenious Idea
Jeroen Bosch - A Flank Attack in the Grünfeld
Oleg Romanishin - Catch-as-catch-Kan?
David Navara - The Paulsen Attack in the Petroff
Dorian Rogozenko - Let's wait together in the Slav
Jeroen Bosch - Surprise in the Scotch
Mark Bluvshtein - Out of the French Book
Alexander Beliavsky - Volga Gambit with 4.Nd2
Oleg Chernikov - Provocation in the Rauzer: 6...g6
Ian Rogers - Caro-Kann Fantasy Variation
Jeroen Bosch - A Central Thrust in the Reti
Karel van der Weide - A French Nimzowitsch
Glenn Flear - Protecting the Gambit Pawn in the QGA
Jeroen Bosch - Evans Gambit: Stoneware Defence
Adrian Mikhalchishin - A Sozin Opening Surprise
Mikhail Gurevich - English or Sicilian Reversed

Published 2005, softback, 143 pages.

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