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School Of Chess Excellence 2: Tactical Play

School Of Chess Excellence 2: Tactical Play

Ref: L0417

Product type: Printed book

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Mark Dvoretsky

The second in this series which reveals the training methods of a top coach. In the first part of this book Dvoretsky examines the art of analysis and suggests methods for developing a player's calculating ability. By means of numerous examples and questions he explains how to develop combinative vision and find the strong moves.

In part two he looks at decision making in chess and how to recognise the moment when changing the nature of a position would be beneficial. He discusses the impact of rational and "psychological" move selection and on the problems of attack and defence. Dvoretsky uses many examples from Grandmaster play and his book is packed throughout with questions, on the examples used, and with exercise positions for solving.

This is a magnificent book in content and production quality.

Published 2002, softback, 264 pages.

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