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Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3..Qd6

Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3..Qd6

Ref: r9011

Product type: Printed book

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Michael Melts

1.e4,d5; 2.exd5,Qxd5; 3.Nc3,Qd6!? is a rare bird in tournament play as many players fear that the queen can be easily attacked by Bf4 or Nb5. However, in the extensive analysis contained here, Correspondence I.M. Melts demonstrates that 3..Qd6 is a viable, and sometimes venomous, alternative to 3..Qa5 and 3..Qd8.

The six main sections of this book, each examining a different White set-up, contain analysis, hundreds of game fragments and 40 complete games in the line. A very thorough book with enough information to make the 3..Qd6 Scandinavian your main defence to 1.e4.

Published 2001, softback, 214 pages.

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