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Sacking The Citadel

Sacking The Citadel

Ref: r9074

Product type: Printed book

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Jon Edwards

The History, Theory and Practice of the Classic Bishop Sacrifice

This book presents a comprehensive account of the bishop sacrifice on Black's h7 square, (or White's h2 square) first documented by Greco, which can occur from any number of openings and in a wide variety of middlegame positions. A knowledge of this sacrifice is essential at any level of chess.

After an opening chapter on the life and times of Giaocchino Greco, author Jon Edwards chronicles the documented history of the classic bishop sacrifice, from Greco's manuscripts to Znosko-Borovsky's "Art of Chess Combination" and Vukovic's "Art of Attack". He concludes this section of the book with a detailed examination of the contemporary theory of the sacrifice.

Part III looks at the bishop sacrifice throughout history, with 308 complete, annotated games, explaining the birth, development and current use of this enduring tactical motif.
The book concludes with "Greco's Quiz" - 30 positions in which the sacrifice is possible and the reader has to calculate out whether it suceeds in each position. Solutions provided at the end of the chapter.

Jon Edwards is a US correspondence player who won the US Correspondence Championship in 1997 and is currently placed in the world top 200 correspondence players.

Published 2011, softback, 400 pages.

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