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Rybka 4 UCI Engine Only (PC-CD)

Rybka 4 UCI Engine Only (PC-CD)

Ref: CARU4

Product type: Software for PC

Rybka 4 UCI is the world champion of chess engines with a rating of 3250+ points ELO. The main developer of the program - international master Vasik Rajlich has inserted the algorithms of positional estimation into it which are as close to the chess-player's style of thinking as possible.

Rybka is a UCI chess engine, which means that you can use it with almost any modern chess user interface such as Aquarium, Chess Assistant, Shredder, Fritz, Chessbase etc.
Rybka 4 UCI includes versions for 32 Bit and 64 Bit processors. Rybka 4 UCI uses one processor/core regardless of how many cores the hardware may have. If you want to take full advantage of multicore processor, buy Deep Rybka 4 UCI.

System requirements: PC, 256 MB RAM, 4GB of free disk space, Windows 7/XP/Vista. CD ROM drive. Rybka 4 UCI is not a standalone program and works only in other popular interfaces e.g. Aquarium, Fritz, ChessBase 9+, Shredder, Junior, Hiarcs, Chess Assistant.

Published 2011.
Free update to Rybka 4.1 engine\n

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