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Ruy Lopez Revisited

Ruy Lopez Revisited

Ref: n1297

Product type: Printed book

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Ivan Sokolov

Sample pages (pdf)

Ruy Lopez Revisited explores some offbeat defences to the Ruy Lopez (Spanish Game) with which Black can take the fight to White from an early stage. The idea is to take the game into channels where Black is better prepared than his opponent. Grandmaster Ivan Sokolov recommends several different defences - some safe, some more risky - which together create a repertoire against the Ruy Lopez. Although this is a repertoire book for Black Sokolov has remained objective in his assessments and also includes "some crushing novelties for White!"

The book is in 6 parts:
Part 1: Jaenisch Gambit (Schliemann Defence 3..f5)
Part 2: Delayed Jaenisch Gambit (3..a6; 4.Ba4, f5)
Part 3: Cozio Variation (3..Nge7)
Part 4: Smyslov Variation (3..g6)
Part 5: Bird's Defence (3..Nd4)
Part 6: Classical Variation (3..Bc5)

Ivan Sokolov is a top grandmaster who was born in Bosnia in 1968 and has been living in the Netherlands for many years. He was Yugoslav champion in 1988 and Dutch champion in 1995 and 1998. Sokolov has beaten former world champions Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik as well as current world champion Viswanathan Anand. He is also author of the popular "Winning Chess Middlegames"

Published 2009, softback, 271 pages.

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