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Ruy Lopez Explained

Ruy Lopez Explained

Ref: b8978

Product type: Printed book

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Gary Lane

I.M. Gary Lane offers a repertoire for White in this ancient and hugely popular opening, using 37 annotated games to show some of the key ideas in the Lopez. He recommends 4.d3 against the Berlin Defence, 9.d4 in the main line and against the Marshall Attack and Keres' 9.Qe2 against the Open Defence.

He also provides schemes against the Archangel System, Moller Defence, Classical Defence, Schliemann Defence, Deferred Steinitz and Rare 3rd moves for Black. The systems chosen are often not main lines in order to cut down on the amount of theory to be learnt. Includes indexes of variations and games.

Published 2005, softback, 160 pages.

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